Limmud Atelier Volunteer Kick-off

Limmud Atelier is a part of an effort to improve sustainability of the Limmud Baltics project. The foundation of  our project is its volunteers. The board of Limmud Baltics consists fully of volunteer workers, who dedicate their  time to the development of activities and events for the organization. We consider that such events as Limmud Atelier is one of the best approaches to attract and educate volunteers for Limmud Baltics causes.

We are looking for motivated and proficient people eager to volunteer their time  on the projects of Limmud Baltics. Limmud Atelier is intended to provide an opportunity to get acquainted with new people and motivate our long-term volunteers for more effective and valuable input. We love to invest in our volunteers and plan to organize more training and leadership development in the future.