Limmud in the Woods 2022

An absolutely new experimental approach in the development of the Limmud Baltics festival.  We changed a lot to give our participants an experience of getting closer to nature in terms of a summer festival with Jewish educational filling. The festival Limmud in the Woods took place in Southern Estonia, in August 2022. We achieved a lot by this change of venue and usual timing. The venue was surrounded by picturesque nature (woods and lakes). We are proud to note that neither perfect weather nor beautiful surroundings put the participants off attending the sessions conducted by our wonderful speakers.

Limmud in the Woods also got two tracks which found a huge response from our participants – “Memories of the Future” and “Jewish life and Nature connection”. “Memories of the Future” was dedicated to discussion of the question – how our common past led us to the present time and what it does for our future? 

“Jewish life and Nature connection” – what does Jewish tradition have to say about Nature? What can we do to sustain both Jewish community and introduce ecological vision into Jewish community?